Sunday, January 29, 2012

Outfit: Jan 26th 2012

I call this my Golden Egg top because it makes me look quite eggy hahah but I love it.  It was suggested by someone who reblogged me on tumblr that I should 'accentuate' my waist with a belt or 'accentuate' my figure with some heels.  I don't really give a shit about that a lot of the time.  Sure I love wearing heels and belts help me out occasionally but I really don't see the problem in me dressing purely for fun or comfort.  Anyway, I don't want to make excuses for how I dress, this is just me :)

I absolutely love this Wooden Arrow Necklace (the one up the top) by Lucie Ellen that I found via Bambi Eyez blog!  I struggled to just pick one colour (and I ended up ordering this other Bunting Necklace also!) and I absolutely love everything in her shop.

 Me // Evil Twin top, Asos velvet leggings, sunglasses and platform sneakers, American Apparel scrunchie, Lucie Ellen wooden arrow necklace, Gathering Eye necklace, Happy Socks socks, earrings gifted to me from the lovely owners of the petrol station next door

 The other day we were bored so we decided to give Zara a second shot.  The first time we went we stupidly went on open day so we weren't really enthused about the whole thing being that there were so many people in there (I know, we obviously weren't thinking) and the men's section seemed a bit too ... 'ordinary'.  But this time was a bit more successful and Harry managed to find himself this awesome green blazer as well as some other cool bits and pieces.  I also got sparkly heels, so I was happy too.

 Gotta love a cheap pair of sunnies from the petrol station.  Also, his shirt is by local label Morning Theft, yay Adelaide!

Harry // Zara blazer, Morning Theft shirt, Jack London pants and belt, Blaq shoes and sunglasses from the petrol station next door


  1. I love the lacey top, but the shoes and galsses are so unique, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  2. haha, I love you Phebe !
    and those shoes are awesome !

  3. I love it. You look very cool. Cinches your waist is so last year. With boobs and hips, I could stand to do it myself but I don't because sometimes I WANT to look like a sack, that is the point.

  4. I loveee both of your outfits. And I'm dying for that top. I've been super into oversized tops lately and that print is to die for! Harry's outfit is just too cool, it's very chic and casual without being over the top. Love!

  5. I seriously LOVE everything about this look and that gif is AMAZING! I actually have the same Evil Twin dress/top but in blue, haven't worn it yet though because of the whole egg shape thing but now you've inspired me to give it a try. Also yay, you got those pastel flatforms from ASOS, oh how I love them. Are they comfortable? Also I love your hair scrunchie, I used to do my hair like that when it was long enough and now I want my hair to be long enough asap, looks amazing. Ok enough gushing, xoxo

  6. Oh my god! Those shoes! I love them! That top is really pretty too, I think you should wear whatever you want to wear, plus with the weather as it is in Adelaide, at least you are wearing clothes!!

  7. In looooooove with the lace top, scrunchie, and jewels! So great.


  8. i fell in love with the circle frame shades and those pair of opulent earrings. way to go! btw, also love the GIF. :)

  9. ohh thanks so much everyone!!!

    @ hayley - i'm actually not surprised you have the same top in blue hahah we totally are twins! the asos shoes honestly aren't the easiest shoes to walk in but i think they need a bit of wearing in :)


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